TWR Hong Kong has been a key partner since broadcasts to Asia first began in 1977, when it started producing programs in Mandarin, Hakka, Swatow, and Cantonese. In addition to mainland China, the vision of TWR Hong Kong has expanded to cover the Chinese community all over the world, including Hong Kong and Macau.

These programs have been well received, and listeners have responded with questions through letters, emails– and, more recently, text messages and social media. The audience relations department in Hong Kong faithfully responds to every letter and email received, and plays an important role in connecting with listeners, building relationships, and helping them grow spiritually.

Over the years, the Hong Kong team has taken on more responsibility of the coordination and program scheduling for TWR’s Chinese ministry. The team also began playing a more creative role in program production.

The programs being produced in Hong Kong cover a variety of topics aimed at helping listeners grow in their relationships with Christ. Programs range from evangelical to discipleship training to church leadership development.

The audience relations department also grew to meet the needs of listeners who responded to our programs, using both conventional and modern means of communication from letters to online chatrooms.

The team in Hong Kong continues to promote TWR’s ministry through newsletters and websites. In addition, they share about TWR’s ministry during Sunday services and prayer meetings in churches to pastors and believers.

TWR Hong Kong celebrated 30 years of broadcast into China in 2007.