TWR first started broadcasting in India in 1977 from an AM transmitter in Sri Lanka. This facility was situated to reach 800 million people of the Indian subcontinent – one-fifth of the world’s population. In just a single year, TWR expanded its potential audience by nearly 2 billion people.

During the first three weeks of the TWR Sri Lanka station’s operation, TWR’s offices received more than 23,000 letters from all over the Indian subcontinent. This phenomenal response to the new programming from Sri Lanka has shown that God is indeed blessing this ministry.

Since then, the ministry has grown to include the Internet, television, and print. However, radio still remains largely the main tool to reach the rural and urban population.

TWR India partners like-minded churches and missions agencies for program production and follow-up. It currently broadcasts the gospel in more than 60 languages over AM, FM and shortwave radio stations, as well as the Internet. The programs are tailored to meet the needs of church leaders, pastors, women, youth and children.

The programs focus on evangelism, discipleship, church leadership development, HIV/AIDS and general health awareness, as well as community development.

In conjunction with the programs, on-the-ground seminars are also held through the local churches to strengthen the Church in India. Through multiple partnerships at the local and national levels, TWR India has been able to touch lives in parts of the country that were never before reached.

In the past 20 years, TWR India has planted 1,200 churches, 1,700 Bible study groups, and over 1300 Radio Home Groups. TWR India continues to receive an average of 20,000 listener responses a month.