If you walk down a street in Thailand, you will probably be greeted with a smile. The country, whose name means the “Free Land,” is also known as “the Land of Smiles,” due to the Thai people’s friendly hospitality. But the smiles on some women’s faces hide hearts full of pain and suffering.

Project Hannah, a ministry of TWR, is reaching out with compassion and hope to suffering women across Thailand who live in spiritual darkness. Since radio isn’t hindered by geography, religious barriers or cultural traditions, it is an ideal method to meet women where they are. The Women of Hope radio program is touching hearts and instilling the hope of Jesus Christ with each 30-minute broadcast. “You are valued by God, Jesus died for you, and you can trust Him for salvation and for your life today”, is the message.

TWR partners Voice of Peace in Thailand to broadcast Women of Hope. The Thai version of Women of Hope first began airing in September 1999 with information relating to family and life issues, health care, etc. as well as offering hope through God’s Word.

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