Due to restrictions on religious broadcasting, TWR Asia uses shortwave broadcasts from transmitters on Guam to reach listeners in Vietnam. Trial broadcasts began in 1998 and a team was officially formed in 2000. Starting in 2011, some key programs have been made available online.

Bible colleges are scarce in Vietnam. Up until now, only one Bible college has been recognized by authorities. Many pastors and church leaders don’t have formal training. But there is a need to be able to answer questions about the worship of ancestors biblically, as that is the deepest spiritual allegiance and practiced across most religions.*

TWR broadcasts Thru the Bible and Mini Bible College to equip pastors and church leaders, especially those in more remote areas. Pastors use the information they learn through the programs to prepare for their sermons.

Another important program broadcast into Vietnam is Women of Hope, offering encouragement to women. Many Vietnamese women live in the countryside and have very little education.

As part of its ministry, the Vietnam team hands out radios to those who can’t afford to buy one, and sometimes it’s combined with Bibles. They teach people to read and write because they want them to be able to read the Bible for themselves.

*Operation World, 21st Century Edition