From a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the island of Guam, KTWR is a mighty voice for the ministries of TWR in Asia.

KTWR’s four 100,000 kilowatt transmitters have served listeners for more than 30 years with programs in various languages, including those of China, South Asia, South-east Asia, Indo-China, and Russia. Using six TCI curtain antennas, the good news of the Gospel of Christ are beamed across borders thousands of kilometers away to reach listeners in their own heart language. Two of the aging transmitters are currently being replaced with refurbished 250,000 kilowatt ones that are capable of taking KTWR into a digital broadcast future.

A team of skilled engineers and technicians, with their families, manage the broadcast operations and maintain the broadcast equipment and computer systems. They also maintain two large diesel generators, heavy construction equipment, vehicles, buildings, antenna towers and the grounds of KTWR. When opportunities present themselves, the Guam team provides technical services and consultation to TWR-Asia offices around the region.

The mission at KTWR is clear, and that is to provide the most effective and reliable radio services possible to TWR-Asia, and to do it in a God-honoring way so that Christ may be known throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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