“I can’t really read, but with the radio broadcast every night and an audio player with gospel programs, I can listen to God’s Word.” – a believer from an oral community.

Orality refers to a whole way of life, a worldview in itself.

People from oral cultures prefer to communicate through the spoken word, instead of through written texts. In order to communicate their cultural history and identity, they have condensed these into proverbs and parables, poetry and songs, dramas and ceremonies. Through the repetition and retelling from one oral communicator to another, matters of importance are communicated and preserved for future generations.

The outreach to oral communicators is a strategic focus for TWR-Asia. We recognize that a large proportion of people in Asia cannot be effectively ministered to by printed Bibles or Christian tracts, due to the orality worldview, low literacy rates, and cultural barriers. Ministering to these oral cultures means more than just bringing them the Bible in their language – the Gospel has to be brought to them in a form they find familiar.

TWR is bringing the Bible and biblical truths in story form so that oral communicators may listen, believe and be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. It definitely helps that we have a masterful storyteller to model upon – Jesus, whose parables drew on nature and common events that spoke to the everyman!


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God that many have come to know Christ.
  • Pray that more will be open to listen to our programs and be touched by God’s Word.
  • Pray for the safety of ministry workers who traverse difficult terrain and other barriers to reach these oral communities.