This month, we speak to Thuy*, the ministry leader of TWR-Vietnam. We managed to gain some interesting insights into how Christianity first came to Vietnam, and how God led him from catching fish as a young boy, to become a fisher of men!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Thuy. I was born and grew up in Danang, where the Good News was first preached in Vietnam. My home town is not very far from a famous beach – Mỹ khê. I often went there to swim and fish. Till today, I still love swimming and fishing!

Recently, more than 10,000 people gathered at Danang to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the gospel being preached in Vietnam. In 1911, Missionary R. A. Jaffray, Paul M. Hosler and G. Lloyd came to Danang to set up a mission center. The gospel then gradually spread across the whole country.

As a young boy, I started receiving Bible lessons from my aunt at home. My spiritual journey began when I asked God for forgiveness of my sins, and accepted Christ into my life.

I am thankful to God for the opportunity to serve Him with TWR.

How did you first hear of TWR, and how did you come to join TWR?

In 1998, TWR broadcast some pilot programs in Vietnam. After about a year of broadcasting these pilot programs, TWR decided to look for someone to oversee the work in this ministry.

The former International Director of TWR-South East Asia came to Sydney to share about TWR’s ministry with Vietnamese pastors and informed them about this role. At that time, I happened to be studying at a seminary in Sydney and learnt about this position. I considered it a privilege and timely opportunity for me to serve the Lord in this area. I applied for this position and this is where I have been serving for the past 11 years.

How has serving in TWR made a difference in your life?

Working in the TWR family has been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for me. My former and current supervisors have set the example of creating a working environment which focuses on servant leadership. I have learnt so much from them about how to lead a team.

My faith has also grown stronger through listening to and reviewing the translation of various programs such as Thru The Bible, Leading The Way, Mini Bible College, The Word Today, and Truth In A Test Tube.

What are some feedback you have received about TWR-Vietnam’s ministry?

Our programs have been well-received by the listeners and church leaders. Several pastors have observed that members of their congregation are more active in church activities after listening to TWR programs regularly. Their congregations have also grown spiritually through listening to the programs.

In the past, we only did program production and broadcasting. However, now, we have expanded our operations to include field work, community projects, children’s education and training programs. The church leaders also commended TWR’s ministry efforts in carrying out field work such as visits to the villagers, and also launching practical community projects such as digging wells and building proper sanitation facilities which are in great shortage in the villages.

It was encouraging to learn just yesterday of another faithful listener, who shared that he loves the Mini Bible College program, and takes what he learns seriously.

We also launched a Vietnamese website in 2009, and it was encouraging to learn that we had over 19,000 visits to our site just last month.

Do you have any words of encouragement for the rest of our staff and our readers?

We face constant challenges in different and unexpected forms. It is important to place our trust in him, to bring us through trials and tribulations. We continually thank God for His protection upon His workers and the growth of the ministry.

*not his real name