This morning, it was time again for our annual TWR-Asia Awards ceremony!

The purpose of the awards is to recognize the efforts and contributions of staff in the Asia Regional Support Services centre in Singapore. Apart from the long-service awards, there were also a number of other awards up for grabs, including the following:

TWR Steward of the Year — in recognition of exemplary servanthood attitude and service.

TWR Ambassador — in recognition of outstanding efforts in promoting TWR’s ministry and fundraising.

The winners of the awards above were nominated by management and the various department heads based on their observation. There were also awards where staff could nominate other colleagues:

My Favourite Steward — Most helpful
The “Raymond Weil” Award — Most punctual
The Sunshine Award — Most cheerful

While a couple of categories had more than one winner, the big winner of the day was Jack Lee, who took home FOUR awards. That’s right…FOUR. He walked away with the ‘Steward of the Year’ award, the ‘Favourite Steward’ award, the “Raymond Weil” award, and the ‘5 Year Service’ award.

Congratulations Jack! This goes to show how much we love you! By the way, in case you are wondering, Jack is just deliriously happy in the photos below…