Last week, some 60 team members from TWR and TWR-Asia congregated in Malaysia for TWR-Asia’s annual conference.

As it was the first time that the conference is being held outside of Singapore, the logistics were a little daunting at first. However, the time of fellowship, bonding and team-building was all worth it in the end!

The theme of this year’s conference was “Enable, Empower, Encourage.” The main aims of the conference was to build stronger bonds between the teams from the various countries, equip teams with greater knowledge and skills to be more effective in their ministry, and share and learn best practices from one another.

The conference also included sessions to help equip the teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to be more effective in their ministry. The highlight of the conference was when participants from different countries dressed in their national costumes, and worked in inter-regional teams to come up with an item that was to be performed at the Celebration Dinner.

Brad Yu, Program Director for Voice of Salvation (TWR-Asia’s production partner), said, “I have heard many new concepts, and have come to better understand the new structure for TWR-Asia and what God is doing through TWR-Asia. The sessions on Faith Reliance and Fundraising were also inspiring and gave me new ideas.”

Freddy Makitan, International Director for the Southeast Asia Region, added, “This conference is different from previous conferences. It has helped me to understand more deeply how we all work together…from the people working in the field, to the people in the support services who help us achieve the goals. The topics were also very important in helping us to know more about the National Partners, and how the TWR-Asia Regional Support Services help the teams in the field.”

Time was also set aside each evening after dinner for ministry teams to share a listeners’ testimony or two from their country, to encourage the rest of the participants. It is not often that team members get to visit other ministries. This session was a time for participants to hear of what God is doing through TWR in the various countries across Asia, and be encouraged by these listener stories and testimonies.

Daryl Renshaw, Director of TWR-Asia’s Regional Support Services, shared, “I am also very blessed by the listeners’ stories shared here. It really drives home the importance of the sacrifices that our leaders and team members made.”

With the recent realignments in TWR-Asia, many participants benefited from the sessions. The participants were better able to understand the key enhancements first-hand, and were able to interact personally with various team members to gain deeper insight into their roles and responsibilities. “It has really helped me to build face to face relationships with our leaders and to build an interpersonal connection with them,” Daryl added.

TWR’s President and CEO, Lauren Libby, was greatly encouraged by the updates of ministry developments taking place in Asia.

“These three days have been very encouraging because when you look at the population of the world, over 60 percent resides in Asia,” said Lauren. “So as we begin to reach Asia, I am very encouraged by the initiatives that have been taken.”