We just completed a two-day internal training which helped us understand more about the jungle that is Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

TWR staff Bruce Erickson, Bill Damick, and Joe Fort came all the way from Cary, NC, to share with us their knowledge of IPR, and in particular, its implications on TWR. We were also privileged to have Barry Yen, TWR’s board member — and also an IPR attorney — share with us the legal aspects of IPR. Topics ranged from respecting the intellectual property of others to protecting our own intellectual property.

It was indeed an eye-opener! We went away knowing more about IPR. Beyond the obvious no-nos of copying and distributing copyrighted music and images, we learned about how varied licenses could be — granting varying degrees of permissions for various different situations.

The training was more than just learning about the legal and organizational implications of IPR. As a Christian organization, we were also reminded of the Biblical basis for adhering to good IPR practices. Five of the Ten Commandments deal with how we should treat what is not ours, and viewing IPR in this light gives us clear guidelines as to how we should conduct ourselves!

“The subject itself is serious, and it is challenging to make it more fun. Appreciate the efforts that the trainers put in to make the topic more understandable for us!” said a staff member. Another commented, “Thanks Bruce, Bill and Joe for conducting this training, and to Barry for giving us an introduction to IPR! I found the sessions most useful, especially in this digital age we work in.”