Tell us how you come to know about TWR ministry and end up joining us in the Internet ministry.

The first time I heard about TWR was back in 2004, when I was still going to college in the U.S., and I came back to Taiwan to participate in the Youth Mission Conference that summer. I visited TWR’s exhibition booth and bumped into the China Ministry Director, who is also a family friend. When I moved back to Taiwan in 2007, I wanted to serve God in a Christian organization, but most job vacancies were not my education specialty. During that time I ran into Joseph again on one occasion and learned about the China Internet Ministry. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to serve Him with the skills and experiences that He has given me. I wouldn’t have known people from China and felt a heart for the youth if I didn’t have the opportunity to go serving in ministry abroad.

What have you learn about ministering to youth over the internet?

Internet is by far the most effective way to reach out to the youth, especially to youths in China. Many youths are lost; they try to find their identities and have a sense of belonging in the virtual world—the Internet. Internet thus becomes the most relevant form of media to the youth. By using the Internet to share the Good News with them, we are using their language to learn and meet their felt needs. There is so much potential of what we can do to minister to the youth over the Internet.

How has your work in TWR impact your life i.e. personal growth, your work environment (supporting team, fun-loving culture, the caring nature of your work etc)?

Yes all of above!! I enjoy doing devotions with my coworkers every morning – I can’t imagine how many companies out there that allows you to do this. I enjoy the warm, loving atmosphere in the office; all of my coworkers are caring, sincere, and supportive. It is just such a blessing that I can serve God at work everyday. Life is a continuous learning process, I am learning a lot from my coworkers and I am very grateful that I can keep growing in TWR.

Suppose Facebook has an application that allows you to be a friend with anyone from the past to the future, who will that be? Why?

Do cartoon characters count? I would say…Mickey Mouse! It would be fantastic if I could really talk to Mickey Mouse. And I believe the youths would LOVE to hear the good news from Mickey Mouse!