Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do in TWR-Asia?

My name is Mary, and I am from Singapore. I volunteer at the TWR-Asia office twice a week – more if necessary – to help with some data entry and paperwork. I also help with other administrative matters when needed, such as mailing parcels or helping to pack and coordinate donations of clothes and toys to needy people in the region. My age is a secret!

How did you first come to know about TWR-Asia?

I first learned of an opportunity to serve in TWR-Asia and was asked if I would like to help. I first started volunteering in June 2008. I did not realize that it has been almost one and a half years since! I enjoy what I do, and I find the work meaningful and rewarding. It is not pressurizing even though there are times when things are needed urgently. I find on the whole that it is very pleasant working here as everyone is very nice to me.

The working environment is very good. TWR’s ministry is a very meaningful one. I feel like I’ve found a purpose in life, and the work is meaningful as it helps fulfill the great commission. If I were looking for a full-time job, I would want to work in TWR!

How long have you been a Christian? How did you become a Christian?

I have been a Christian for about 10 years. When I was young, I heard about Christ in school, but I back-slided and for many years, I rejected Christ. After that, there was a period of time when I fell ill. In my illness, I sought God, and very slowly, God revealed himself to me and I found myself going back to Him.

I understand your birthday is near Christmas. When is it exactly?

My birthday is on the 18th of December…exactly one week before Christmas!

How do you usually celebrate your birthday? Do you celebrate it together with Christmas?

I usually treat my birthday as I would any other day. Also, I find that Christmas has become too commercial. If I do celebrate, I would just go down to Orchard Road and enjoy the Christmas lights which are on display.

What else do you do for Christmas?

My church does not have a Christmas service, but if it did, I would definitely go! I might go out with friends if we can find a common or convenient time to meet, but this is also rather seldom.

Have you been blessed during your service in TWR-Asia? Do you have any thoughts about TWR-Asia’s ministry?

Yes, of course! The environment here is very pleasant. Outside of serving in TWR, I find my life rather dull. Serving here adds to my life and general well-being, and helps me use my time more meaningfully. It is a blessing to me as it gives me an opportunity to serve, even though it is only two days a week.

Although the internet is the future, radio still plays a big part in third world countries as the internet still has not penetrated these countries. Radio is still a vital and crucial instrument in reaching the people of these countries. My hope is for the work of TWR to expand and help more people in third world countries know about God.

Do you have any Christmas wishes or blessings that you would like to share?

I hope that the staff of TWR will really be blessed through working here, and that this Christmas will be a great one for everyone!