Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Hoang. I was born in Vietnam, but moved to Australia when I was 18. I have been serving with TWR-Asia for the last two years as a volunteer.

I came to know about the ministry through Pastor Huynh*. He is a family friend, and we worship at the same church. He is also the pastor in charge of TWR-Vietnam. That’s how I came to know about TWR. I first heard the Women of Hope programs when his wife passed me a CD of the programs. The moment I heard them, I found them to be very useful and helpful.

At that time, I was feeling very dry and discouraged. The programs spoke to me, and really made me feel like I had a friend when I listened to it every night after classes at the university. I lived by myself then, and the programs really helped me feel closer to God.

I was asked to help out with the Women of Hope programs by Pastor Huynh’s wife (who was in charge of Project Hannah). I guess she thought my voice was nice! She asked me to drop by the studio for an audition where I read some scripts, and she took me on as a part-time presenter!

I have a full-time job, and I am also studying part-time, which is why I can only commit to this during my free time. Once a month, I go to the studio and record some episodes of Women of Hope.

(*not his real name)

Can you share an example in which you have been blessed by God through volunteering with TWR-Asia?

During a gathering, Pastor Huynh and his wife read a few letters from listeners in Vietnam. Some of the letters were from Women of Hope listeners who shared how they appreciated the programs. As I listened to the testimonies being read, I felt that the work I did went a long way to help these people. I felt that the effort and time I put in the studio was worth it.

The stories and letters help me keep going. As I mentioned earlier, I am really busy with work, studies and even church ministry. There were times when I felt like giving up and look for someone to replace me. However, when I hear the stories from the listeners about how blessed and happy they are after listening to the programs, it helps keep me going. If it helps the listeners, what’s a little sacrifice on my part?

Do you remember any particular testimony or story which touched you?

There were several stories which I came across just last week. In one of them, a woman who came from a rural tribe said that the Women of Hope program not only touched her spiritually, but also taught her basic hygiene and that she now knows how to wash her hands. That really shocked me, as it was something we all take for granted. However, Pastor Huynh’s wife explained that it was due to their culture and way of life. They even live under the same roof as their livestock. It was really unhygienic.

However, after listening to an episode of Women of Hope which taught about bacteria and how poor hygiene could make them sick, the listener said that they now wash their hands to get rid of germs and do not live together with their livestock.

Another listener said that she used to hit her husband (they live in a matriarchal society, and in their culture, women are dominant), but after listening to the program about how the man ought to be the head of the home, she stopped doing so and began to treat him better.

Do you have any words of encouragement for our staff and other volunteers?

Life is very busy, but this little thing that I do, I do it for God. I am not a trained pastor or full-time worker, but every little bit I can do, I want to do it for God. I hope that whatever we do will have a positive effect on people in Vietnam. Most of all, we want to bring the gospel to the people of Vietnam.

There are people who need to hear the Good News, which is why we need to think about how we can bring the gospel to them. When we meet God, we will have to give an account of what we have done for Him with the life He has given us. It may be just a small thing, but whatever it is, we have to do our best within our capabilities and with the talents he has given us.

Even though I cannot pastor a church or preach in front of a congregation, I do what I can. Most importantly, we have to do it as unto the Lord and not unto Man. If we do it for people, we will be disappointed very quickly. Whenever you are down or stressed, remember that you are doing it for Him and that your strength comes from Him.