One of our team members shares his thoughts about the Worldview Rethink session that John Cross and GoodSeed International conducted at our office on 19 March.


“Gotta check my assumptions.”

That was the main thought that I came out with after a most insightful training session with John Cross and his team from GoodSeed International.

John had just spent a good part of the morning going over perspectives and methods that could communicate the gospel in an impactful way.

We are ? first and foremost ? ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We have to keep in mind that an ambassador?s task is to clearly communicate the message entrusted to him.

Therefore, when sharing Christ to a friend, I need to help him understand what the Bible says about the identity of Jesus Christ: who he is – the Creator God of the Bible; and what he has done ? He took care of mankind?s sin through his death and resurrection on the cross.

However, we each have our individual worldview: we naturally process information according to how we believe things to be. Too often, the listener interprets what the Bible says with the lens of his existing beliefs, and fails to truly comprehend what the Bible is saying about Jesus, mankind?s sin, and what Jesus has done to save us from our sins.

As ambassadors, we want our sharing to result in our friend having a clear understanding of what the Bible says about Jesus Christ. I can help to do this by being culturally sensitive, and realizing that we may not share a common understanding of what we will be discussing ? for example, my friend may not even believe in a Creator God to begin with! Or he may believe that there are many Gods.

I really liked this point that John made: we ask our friends to put their trust in Jesus, but often they either don?t know who He is, or they only have a distorted idea. We can?t ask them to trust in someone they don?t know. They need to have a correct understanding of who Jesus IS.

Whether my friend eventually comes to put his trust in Jesus or not, that is a choice he has to make. However, I would want him to make that decision based on a correct understanding of Jesus Christ ? not a cobbled-together mishmash of pre-existing beliefs and information gleaned from the Bible.

By the way, John’s comparison of our repulsion to a (fake) maggot-infested rotting rat carcass, to how God views sin, really helped me see how visual aids could be used to explain biblical concepts!