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Shakti Verma, Director of Broadcast Operations for TWR Asia, shared with us valuable insights from his journey serving in the ministry for 36 years, and how he is where he is today by obeying God’s call for him.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your journey with TWR.

I was working with Far East Broadcasting Association (FEBA) in India for about two years. After 18 months with FEBA, the Lord God prompted my heart that it was time for me to move on to another place. The verse from Genesis 12:1 spoke to me. Yet, at the time, I did not know where I was heading. Two weeks later, I received another prompting from God that HE had plans for me to move.

I submitted to His prompting and prepared to resign from FEBA. I was at peace after I made the decision, though I was not sure where I would be going. At that time, I did not know anything about Trans World Radio (TWR).

Shortly after, a friend in church told me about TWR and introduced me to Dr. Paul Freed. A few weeks later, I was interviewed by a TWR staff member and I was taken on board in a technical role. I was officially employed as the first staff member in TWR India in May 1977. TWR had been looking for staff to set up a studio and office in India while the station in Sri Lanka was being made ready to broadcast.

What do you do in TWR Asia?

I have been serving in TWR since 1977. Presently, I serve as the Director of Broadcast Operations. Although I am based in New Delhi, I work closely with the staff in Guam and TWR Asia.

Most of my technical supervision work takes place at the radio stations, which are based in Guam and Sri Lanka. I travel to the stations in these locations twice a year. I also attend frequency coordination conferences in different parts of the world to secure frequencies for our use of short wave broadcasts. The conferences also provide an opportunity to learn about updates and new developments.

I need to ensure our team of engineers in Guam and Sri Lanka are well supported in areas of technical work and other resources.

Staff from other countries in Asia also consult me regarding the purchase of equipment and back-up power supplies. I get involved in the setup of studios in their countries and ensure standards for radio broadcasts are met. Presently, I am overseeing studio setups in different countries.

Describe some challenges you faced in your work, and how you overcame those challenges.

One major challenge would be the magnitude of the task. The day I joined TWR India, there were only broadcasts in five languages. By 2009, TWR India was broadcasting programs in 67 languages. There is a sheer amount of work involved to achieve this.

Another challenge we face is recruiting enough engineers with the right expertise to manage our radio stations.

I do not focus on the challenges. God will carry us through.

How has your ministry grown since it first begun?

It is evident that our ministry has grown by the type of media we use.

Our ministry first started off using medium wave broadcasts. Thereafter, shortwave broadcasts from Guam were used.

My portfolio also expanded from just focusing on the broadcasting needs of India to the whole continent of Asia.

How has your service in TWR impacted you or made a difference in your life? Are there any precious lessons you gained during your time in the ministry?

I came to witness the wisdom and ability of God in the ministry. I began to see that there are always unlimited opportunities and ways to reach out to many with the gospel.

God gives me the confidence that the sky is the limit.

Philippians 3:14, “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” This sums it all up.

Any words of encouragement for readers or the rest of the staff before we end the interview?

We are working together with God. He has called us to work alongside with Him. Therefore, He will empower, strengthen and provide for us. Keep your focus on Him.