The days and weeks before the movie, we were nervous. This was our first time organizing such an event, and many thoughts crept into our minds. What if the hall was half-empty? What if it was over capacity? What if the guests did not enjoy themselves?

Most crucially…what if the free popcorn was stale?

Indeed, there were many things that could have gone wrong. However, as the guests arrived, were seated, and as the movie began, there was a collective sense of relief (and even wonder) among the staff. It was becoming apparent that God was in control the entire time…from the planning, to the executing of the event.

As much as we planned, prepared, and put in place contingencies, looking back on the whole thing, it was truly a coming together of many small occurrences which at the time, either did not seem significant, or even looked negative.

With God, there are no coincidences. Everything happens at a particular time, for a particular purpose. It is only at the end, when we look back, that we see the big picture…and see that God was in control the entire time. That was one of the central themes of the movie.

That was a lesson we learnt that evening.

Through the movie, God reminded us to be courageous, and to always trust in him…even when things do not seem to be going right. It was an apt movie for us that evening.

For the record, it was almost a full house that evening. Just under capacity. Oh, and the popcorn was really good too!

Pictures of the event are below…