CAMBODIA — On 13 May 2011, TWR-Cambodia conducted a Community Health Education (CHE) Training for TWR-Cambodia staff and listeners who came from different provinces in Cambodia.

The training – conducted by trainers from Myanmar and Singapore – sought to assist the listeners in developing their community when they returned to their villages. It aimed to train the participants to be problem solvers, independent decision makers and community leaders to find resources, though limited, within the villages. These skills would come in handy especially in times of crisis where it would be difficult to get timely help from church leaders or non-governmental organizations.

Interest was also generated among the pastors of local churches in Cambodia after they learnt about the benefits of this training session. The TWR-Cambodia ministry team then decided to organize a one-day CHE training for the church leaders.

With much prayer and preparation, a special CHE training for pastors was held on 24 May. It saw a total of 30 leaders from different churches in Siem Reap, who desired to reach out to their communities in practical ways and make a difference in the quality of the villagers’ lives.

In consultation with the pastors, the trainers devised a curriculum for the training that could better meet the needs of these leaders, with reference to a current issue faced by the community at large, which is alcoholism. The topics included moral values, the importance of forgiveness, as well as a practical plan to help pastors assist alcoholics in kicking the addiction.

The ultimate aim was to see church growth in both the spiritual and physical aspects through the leaders and pastors.

Our prayer is that after conducting the training, the leaders and churches will take a proactive approach in reaching out to the community holistically and change their traditional view points.