CAMBODIA — Yee Kim has been a faithful listener of Women of Hope for the last ten years.

“I became a believer in 1986. I have been listening to Women of Hope since 2001,” exclaimed the 60-year-old lady.

Like many women around the world, Yee Kim has her share of troubles. Her son fell into bad company, and got addicted to drugs. Yee Kim felt helpless and hopeless over this, and was tormented by a sudden onset of sickness that caused to her to be unable to eat or do anything.

One day, a friend visited her, and reminded her that Jesus understands what she was going through, and was her source of comfort. After her friend prayed for her, Yee Kim’s health began to improve.

Yee Kim was amazed. “I did not notice immediately that God had healed me. I only realized later that I felt better,” she said.

Yee Kim is also thankful that the Women of Hope program has encouraged her during her troubles. She shared, “In Christ, I will never be alone. I love this message from the Women of Hope program as it really encouraged me. I will keep your ministry team in prayer.”

Her joy in Christ has motivated her to share the program with her neighbors. “Some of them are not Christians but they are already listening to the program every weekend,” said Yee Kim.

Let us give thanks for the Lord’s blessings on the Women of Hope program and remember Yee Kim and her family members in prayer.



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