CAMBODIA — “I am really glad to be able to listen to It’s Yours. It is such a wonderful program that anyone can listen to it,” said Tak.

Tak, an 18-year-old student who lives in Cambodia, was excited to share his experience with TWR-Cambodia after listening to It’s Yours for the first time. He exclaimed, “After listening to the program, I called TWR-Cambodia immediately to let them know I love it!”

There were many valuable lessons that Tak learnt from the program. One memorable lesson that was applicable to his life, was the importance of being an honest student.

“I know of students who cheat during the examinations. Getting a high score through this way is not pleasing to God,” said Tak.

Being a believer, Tak made a firm resolution to want to set a good example in Christ and not resort to cheating to get good grades in examinations.

After listening to It’s Yours, another precious lesson for Tak was to learn to pray to God for any desires he had. He had asked God to bless his upcoming exams. He also shared with us, “I will be taking an examination next month. Please help me to pray for wisdom from God to guide me to do well.

Thank you so much. I will continue to listen to It’s Yours regularly.”

Each day, TWR-Cambodia’s ministry and programs are reaching out to youth like Tak, and teaching them about how they should live their lives for Christ. We are grateful for your support that will enable youth like Tak to lead a Christ-centered life.