Life as a young person in this modern world is not as easy as one would expect. Some particular concerns among youth include education, drugs, job opportunities, pornography, sexual immorality, violence, love and relationships, and daily living etc.

‘It’s Yours!’ is an English/Khmer programme that seeks to proclaim the Creator to non-believing young people in Cambodia. It seeks to help them have an understanding of a purpose-filled life and eventually draw them to receive the Lord as their Saviour and praise Him as they grow in spiritual maturity. This programme aims to be a weekly accountability partner with Cambodian youth. It is something that Cambodian youth can use as a tool, to help live their lives successfully in the 21st Century. We desire to show them that there is a purpose for their lives, and that there is an Intelligent Creator or Master Designer who can give us hope.

TWR staff in Cambodia met with ‘M’, a young monk who is a regular listener of the ‘It’s Yours!’ programme. During the visit, ‘M’ shared his interest in listening to the programme, reading God’s word, and also asked the Cambodian staff about Christian principles. The staff also presented ‘M’ with a radio and some Christian literature.

‘M’ shares his story:

“I used to dislike Christians. However, after listening to the programme and getting to know some Christians, a barrier has been lifted, and the misconceptions about Christians were removed.

Through reading these Christian books, I got to know more about Jesus Christ. Even though I am a monk, I am faced with a lot of struggles in my heart and sometimes I feel hopeless when negative situations come into my life. I have often faced spiritual battles. I worry a lot about the needs of my family. Also, when I think about it, I realize that I do not know where my soul will go when I am gone. However, many times, I can find solutions to my problems by listening to the programme and reading these books.

We are beneficiaries of Jesus’ sinless life. I was so intrigued with the portion of scripture that said ‘because of what Christ did for us, we have been freed from trying to keep the law in order to earn favour with God by following His rules that we keep breaking no matter how hard we try’. I felt that this teaching went against everything I had learned before about achieving merit on one’s own strength. That had caused me great disappointment, because I know that I do not have the ability to meet the high requirements of the law.

I used to believe that the requirement of the law was to do good deeds and to keep our body and heart in righteousness. I confess that I cannot do this, as often times, anger and jealousy arise automatically in my heart. After reading this scripture I kept thinking about what it taught me.”

We believe that God is calling ‘M’, and we pray that he will open his heart to accept Christ as his saviour one day.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for the staff in Cambodia as they continue to keep in touch with M, and that God’s word will be a source of light for him.
  • Pray that the programme will continue to touch lives of young men and women in Cambodia, and be a source of encouragement for them.