“My name is ‘C’ and I live in Phnom Penh. My husband and I were not able to have children for many years and when I finally became pregnant, I lost the first few children through miscarriages. In 2007, I became pregnant again but I delivered a premature baby after only eight months. He had to stay in intensive care for one month and I was so afraid that I would lose him. I cried every day because the doctor kept telling me that there was no hope for this baby to live.”

“My name is ‘Y’ and I am a widow with three children. My husband died many years ago and it has been very difficult for me since because my husband was the sole breadwinner. After his death, I felt like part of me was gone, and I lost all hope because I do not know how to provide for my children and myself. Since my children are still very young, I cannot leave them at home while I work on a farm or run a business, but no one is able to help me take care of my children.”

“My name is ‘S’ and I am a single mother. My husband left me and my child without a word a long time ago, and I have not heard from him since. It was difficult for me to accept him leaving me and I lost all hope because I do not own much. I cannot even start a small business because I have no money, and I do not have anyone who can help me. Not even my parents.”

The childless, widows and single mothers are part of the profile of women in Cambodia, and these are just some stories of the struggles they face. To these women, hardship and hard labor are part of life and very few manage to overcome their struggles and rise out of their circumstances. Those who do are able to make ends meet for their families, while others are overwhelmed by poverty and hopelessness.

Though the women in the testimonies above face different predicaments, the one thing they have in common is that their hope is renewed and their spirits lifted by God, through the Women of Hope program.

‘C’ found the strength and faith to persist in prayer for her child and he was eventually restored to her. ‘Y’ found daily encouragement as she began work and listens to the program at the same time. ‘S’ does not miss a single broadcast and testifies that though she may not have any food on some days, she no longer feels hopeless or alone.


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for His divine intervention in the lives of these women through Women of Hope.
  • Let’s press on in prayer that this program, both on air and on the ground, will continue to reach out and bless many more women in Cambodia.