In poverty-stricken Cambodia, the lack of adequate healthcare and knowledge of health issues are widespread. This affects different demographics of the population – from children who live in filth in the city dumps, to youths who adopt drinking as a destructive lifestyle due to peer pressure, to the women in remote villages who may not know proper care and nutrition for their children.

Through the holistic health program, TWR-Asia has helped equip listeners with basic health knowledge such as knowing what is harmful to their bodies. The program also teaches proper hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation, as well as sharing the Word of God to strengthen those who are ill.

‘H’ is one such youth who used to drink heavily. However, due to the grace of God, he has overcome this destructive habit. He shares his story:

“My name is ‘H’ and I am 25. I listen to your program every week. When I tuned in recently, I chanced upon an episode which touched on alcoholism. I was reminded of my past, and how I was like before I came to know the Lord. I used to drink a lot with friends. It got so bad that I would lose control of myself because I drank so much. This was especially so when I went to a wedding and alcohol was served. I praise the Lord that He has helped me overcome this. Thanks for producing such a wonderful program! It’s helping me a lot.”

‘C’ is a middle-aged listener who is facing common health issues that most people experience due to aging. However, in spite of her physical condition, her spiritual life is strong and healthy!

“My name is ‘C’ and I am 56-years-old. I became a Christian more than ten years ago and I have been listening to your program for about five years. Ever since I started listening to your program, I have been very encouraged. I have not been in the best of health since January 2001. The doctor told me that my body lacks calcium and that I have high cholesterol. Sometimes, I feel a sense of hopelessness because I have been sick for so long, but God’s Word shows me many ways to see His love, His hope, and His peace. I thank God for all the programs of TWR-Asia that have encouraged me. Please keep me in prayer.”

Let us continue to keep in prayer not only for the TWR-Asia programs in Cambodia to bear lasting fruit and help meet their physical needs as well, but also for those who contracted the HIV virus from their spouses or parents.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord for destructive lifestyles that have been changed as listeners tune in to TWR-Asia’s programs in Cambodia.
  • Pray for wisdom and creativity for the staff in Cambodia, so that they may effectively minister to the listeners through the programs and on-the-ground, and equip them with basic knowledge of health.