“My two older children have been working in Thailand for many years.  However, ever since they went to Thailand, I have not heard anything from them. They seemed to have completely disappeared and there is no news of them. My youngest son lives with me. He is also a believer, but he does not walk with the Lord. He is still in his teens and is influenced by his peers. He doesn’t go to school, and I feel disappointed because he doesn’t listen to me even though I am his mother. Please pray for my son.”

Kim is a 63-year-old widow with three children, the eldest of whom is already married. She became a Christian when she was in a refugee camp in Thailand.

She is a single mother, and took care of her children all herself, including the two older ones who are now working in Thailand. Kim shared that not hearing from her two children in Thailand is really heart breaking. Her youngest son does not make things easier for her either, as he gets himself involved with bad company and does not listen to her.

“Only God can comfort me. I listen to Women of Hope every week and I am very encouraged. One of the lessons you taught was about how God cares so much for widows and orphans. He will wipe their tears away. He will never leave them. His love is so faithful. God is not like some men who say they love you one day, yet go to be with another woman the next day. People may lie to you, but God will love you forever. He will never leave you.

After I listened to this lesson, I cried. I kept the story in my heart because it touched me and encouraged me a lot. There are many more lessons that I have learned from your program. I love to listen to the Women of Hope program so much! May the Lord bless you!”


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