Over the years, the Women of Hope program in Cambodia has garnered an increasing number of faithful and enthusiastic listeners. Each month, the TWR-Cambodia team would receive a stream of letters from listeners, each one telling a story about how the program has impacted and changed their lives for the better.

Sav is one such listener, who has written in to express her heartfelt gratitude on how the program equipped her with knowledge of the Word and encouraged her. Quite unexpectedly to her, the program has helped her build a close friendship with the women’s ministry coordinator from TWR-Cambodia who has become her confidante and supported her in times of trouble. Sav remarked,

“I am a widow with two children. I have been listening to Women of Hope for the past five years now. I have received many encouraging lessons from this program. Whenever I face problems in my life, I often share with Mary – the women’s ministry coordinator from TWR-Cambodia – and ask her to pray for me. Mary will often call and encourage me over the phone. I am thankful for her.”

Another listener, Sarin, expressed in her letter that the program is her favorite, and has helped her grow stronger spiritually.

“This is a wonderful program that uplifts us as women. We really need more programs like this to encourage us in times of hardship. I used to worry incessantly but now, I give all my burdens to the Lord and ask Him to help me and forgive my sins. Thank you Lord!” said Sarin.

Listeners of Women of Hope also look forward to hearing Bible stories from which they learn lessons and apply them, to lead a life according to biblical values. Navy was one such person who learnt the importance of patience through the bible story about Abraham and Sarah. Navy shared,

“I love to listen to your program because it is really encouraging to hear the Word of God in times of sadness. Last week, I learnt about the lives of Abraham and his wife Sarah. They were getting old and did not have a child, but the Lord promised Abraham that He would give him a son. Sarah was so worried that she gave her maid-servant to Abraham to bear a child for him. This was not the Lord’s plan for them. The Lord’s plan was for Abraham and Sarah to have a child in their old age. We have to be patient and wait for the Lord’s timing. Thank you for the program.”


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord for regular listeners like Sav, Sarin and Navy who are learning and growing in the Lord.
  • Pray for more women in Cambodia to come to know of Women of Hope, so that they can know the God who gives them comfort, peace and hope.