CAMBODIA — I am Sitha, and I am a doctor and part-time pastor. I have been a listener of the Women of Hope programs since 2002. This is my story.

I got married in 2001. Soon after my marriage, my husband started to get drunk on a regular basis. When he was drunk, he would get violent. I turned to my mother-in-law for help, but all she told me was, “This is just your misfortune.”

I could not believe her response. I remember thinking at the time, “Who can help me overcome this situation?”

One day, I heard about a radio program that talked about a god who could overcome suffering and death. I remember thinking, “I don?t know which god you are, but I want to live in peace and not in suffering. Please lead my way!”

A few months later, I heard about God through the Women of Hope program. I felt released from the burden I was carrying. I also gained the peace I needed to discuss my feelings with my husband.

I praise the Lord! God touched my husband?s heart, and he became better day by day! In 2008, my husband finally asked Jesus to be his Savior. We started to worship God in our family.

I moved from my old village, and I started a little house church. Since then, God has brought more members to come together to worship Him! There are 40 adults and 30 children who attend church regularly.

God has also blessed me in my career, and I use half of my income to support my church. Please keep praying for us, as we still do not have any place in which to worship.
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