CHINA — We received a letter from a Singaporean lady who went on a vision trip to China with our China ministry team. She shared about an unexpected encounter with a Chinese woman she met during the trip.

“We had gone to a café to have lunch with some local Christians,” she wrote. “Our purpose was to encourage them and pray for them as they had met with some challenges. It seemed that Christian activity in their area had been curtailed, and they had find ways to continue meeting.”

“In the midst of our fellowship, one of our team members became heavily burdened for Ms Wan, the owner of the café, who is also a pre-believer. Ms Wan gave an account of her past. Her husband had divorced her for another woman, and it happened when she was six months pregnant. She had waited for ten years to be a mother. Ms Wan was consumed with bitterness when the divorce became a reality, and her world collapsed.

We shared the gospel with Ms Wan and expressed our concerns for her. While fighting back her tears, she said that she would consider accepting this God we spoke of. That night, we prayed intensely for her salvation. We really thank God that Ms Wan’s mother is a believer, who was extremely delighted to have us share the gospel with her daughter.

Due to time constraints, we were not able to share the gospel with many people. However, I am glad the Holy Spirit led us to meet Ms Wan. God had sent us to share His love for her. We believe the day will come when she allows Jesus to set her free from unforgiveness and bitterness, and believe that she will be a very powerful testimony to other pre-believers she meets.”