CHINA — We received a heart-warming letter from Hua, who lives in China and listens faithfully to the Seminary on the Air (SOTA) program.

“At the beginning, I signed up for SOTA without expecting to get much from it. Little did I know, I had found treasure!

I have been a believer for four years. During this period, I was often troubled as I was not able to find answers to situations and experiences that my church friends and I were going through.

Unknowingly, I began to shift my focus from depending on God, to depending on man. This caused me greater distress as I had even more questions troubling my mind. Worst of all, I was not able to share this openly with anyone.

After I signed up for SOTA, I was immediately captivated by the first few lessons. The program had given me answers to the doubts and questions I had over the years.

It dawned upon me that through SOTA, the door for spiritual understanding was opened to me for the first time in my life. Praise God!”

We give thanks and glory to God for setting Hua free from her troubled years. Through your support of SOTA, we hope to enable more people to gain spiritual understanding of God’s Word!