“Greetings! I am a senior high school student in China. A series of traumatic events happened during past two years of my studies. First, my mom broke her leg. Around the same time, my dad was diagnosed to have AIDS.

Dad’s condition rapidly began to deteriorate, and he grew skinnier and skinnier as the days went by. He would still put on a smiling face, but I knew he was not doing well. I could only watch him helplessly, while mom would sob and sigh in the middle of the nights. It was a terrible time but we had to keep struggling on

My mom began to suffer incessant pain in her previously-injured leg, and a thorough investigation revealed the cause of the pain to be a stainless steel needle left in her leg. She did not go for the operation to remove the needle as we had no money to spare, and the knowledge that she would be unable to work as she recovered from the surgery further reinforced her decision.

Before Spring came the following year, my dad passed away. I had never encountered any storms more impactful than this. My mother and I cried and cried, and we were exhausted.

By this time, the pain my mom was experiencing was so unbearable, and I could see that she was suffering tremendously. She could not afford to delay the operation, but we were still short of money. I felt so helpless.

When we approached Chinese New Year that year, miraculously, we received love and care from some kind-hearted brothers and sisters in Christ. This really encouraged us. I realized that there is still a God in the world, and there are people like you watching and caring for us. Your gift has helped us regain our confidence in life.

We will continue to persevere in the midst of our adversity so as not disappoint you. We will live to pass on the Lord’s blessings, the pastors’ care, and the people’s love. We may never meet, but I imagine I know how you look like… I know that in your hearts you have the Lord. You always say these words, “May the Lord bless you!” Your hearts are filled with the Holy Spirit, and your faces are filled with smiles of blessings. You spread the fragrance of Jesus to me and to everybody. Let us all live in the Lord’s will and in His blessings. Thank you for your New Year gift and caring love.”

TWR reaches out to the HIV/AIDS-infected and -affected through our Lighthouse Ministry in China. The Lighthouses are platforms for Christians and churches worldwide to share God’s love with these communities, by way of offering them prayer and practical care.


Prayer and Praise

  • We praise God that He has rekindled hope even among those who have been severely affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • We pray that more and more will come to Him as they experience His love and compassion through TWR’s holistic efforts.