Female believers in China, though strong in their faith and are relied upon by their families as pillars of strength, are often still confused in applying Biblical principles to the daily challenges they face in life as they lack guidance and personal mentoring. TWR’s aim is to help these women in their personal relationship with Christ, with fellow believers at church and with their family members.

Their hunger for spiritual nourishment and strong desire to please God in everything they do lead them to write in with their testimonies and heartfelt requests for resources that can help them grow in their understanding of God’s Word. CDs are distributed to these listeners for their devotional use and women’s training sessions are conducted on the ground to equip and impart to them Biblical values for their daily living.

Below are some letters from our listeners from various provinces:

“I am a loyal listener of your radio station, and like all the programs that you broadcast. I feel that by listening to the Word of God through TWR’s programs, the foundation of my faith was laid, my spiritual life is being nurtured, and my life is renewed. I now understand the Bible and know how to follow the will of God.”

“We benefited a lot from your hard work at TWR. When we stop watching TV and concentrate on listening to your radio programs, we experience peace and joy. We understand more about the Word of God in less than one year. I thank God for giving me this great light and look forward to your voice becoming my companion each day.”

“I have been listening to your station for about two years. I am 28-years-old and three years ago, I was paralyzed because of a car accident. I am very thirsty spiritually because I cannot worship at a church, so I get my nourishment through your programs.”

These women are also faithful in obeying God’s call in their lives to spread the love of Christ to their peers who have not heard of Jesus. We praise the Lord for them that in spite of their own personal challenges in life, they still find the opportunity to encourage us in their letters and assure us of their prayer support that TWR programs will continue to lead more souls to Christ.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray that the women in China will be wonderful testimonies to their unbelieving families, that they may be the instruments to bring God’s light and truth to them and that salvation will come to their homes because of their love and faith.
  • Pray for the women who are suffering for their faith, and who face opposition from their unbelieving husbands to continue to stand firm in the truth and persevere in love so that their own husbands may be saved.