“…my village preachers were not able to explain God’s Word to us clearly… there were times we could not understand what they were talking about…”

While the number of Chinese believers is increasing greatly, there aren’t enough Christian mentors and study resources to meet their spiritual needs. Bibles and Christian literature are hard to come by in some areas, and going to seminary is but a dream for most pastors and lay leaders. Without sound teaching and reference materials, false teachings are creeping in, and this has led to confusion and even cults among China’s believers.

TWR saw a need for an urgent response. Through much prayer and the Lord’s guidance, Seminary on the Air was launched in March 2001 to meet this challenge faced by Chinese believers.

“I have been listening to Seminary on the Air broadcasts for about four years. This has helped guide my life, and helped me grow in faith and understanding of God’s greatness. In recent years after accepting Christ, I have experienced His love, righteousness, power, holiness and majesty. I have also experienced His helping hand in times of suffering.

I want to register for the first three years of the course. Please pray for me that I will have the time to complete it. I also pray that God will help provide the textbooks as they are not freely available in China.

— A sister from China

Seminary on the Air, or SOTA for short, is a radio program for church leaders in China. The program content is structured to provide seminary-level training over three years. To date, it has taught biblical doctrine and life application to over 1,000 church pastors and lay leaders.

The SOTA program is available through:
•    Radio programs
•    Online classes over the Internet
•    Supplementary training for church leaders on a periodic basis.

It is our hope and our prayer that this resource will be used to build up the church in China, especially in areas where accessibility to Christian resources is limited.

You may also wish to sponsor a student and do your part in building up the Church in China through the “Give” button above.


Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for wisdom for our program production team in China as they prepare the SOTA broadcasts.
  • Pray that those who listen to the SOTA programs on the radio and the Internet, will grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Word.
  • Pray for the SOTA training seminars that are held in-country every year. Pray especially for safety for TWR-Asia’s SOTA team as well as for the students traveling within the country.