Qian Ling is a listener of our program, Awake With The Angels, and we have been exchanging letters on a regular basis. In one of her letters, she wrote:

“My mother is opposed to the Christian faith, and she doesn’t like that I became a Christian… One day, she was really angry – so angry that she did something drastic. She went through my things, and threw away everything she could find that related to my faith – Christian song books, devotional materials, letters from TWR, and even the notebook that I use during my devotions!

This has affected me quite a bit, but I praise God that she did not find my Bible! Hallelujah!”

Awake With The Angels uses current affairs and relevant youth to introduce the Gospel to the listeners. A combination of discussion on these topics from a biblical perspective, a segment where they can learn English, and Christian stories are used to engage young listeners and reach them with the Gospel.

It turns out that this program appeals to people from other age groups too!

“I have been attracted to your program, Awake With The Angels, ever since I first heard it a year ago. The stories you share have really enlightened me. I used to be a person who knew nothing about Christianity, or even a church… and now I have become a Christian.

God has changed my world view… He has given me a new outlook on life. I have grown spiritually, and I am very grateful to God. I often download the programs from the website and listen to them with my wife after dinner, or before we go to bed.

Praise God! My wife and I have both become Christians. We read the Bible and pray every day, and we go to church to worship God every Sunday. We are so encouraged and content, knowing that God will lead every step of our lives. We will be baptized in the middle of this year. We are so excited and grateful about our new lives in Christ! Thank you so much for being a good friend and for all your help!”

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Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God that His Word is impacting the lives of listeners through the work of the Chinese Internet Ministry.
  • Pray for young people who face parental opposition even as they turn to Christ.