Not all our listeners are within China; some have ventured out of their motherland to serve God. Here is a letter from Zhe Ying, who listens to The Word For Today in Mandarin via

“I am very happy to have received your email! I am originally from a province in China, but I am currently serving within the Golden Triangle.

I am here now, because I have chosen to share the Gospel in this land. A great deal of drugs originate from this place, and their impact is phenomenal. Many are lost in bondage to their drug addictions.

In my ministry here, I teach lessons at a Christian drug rehabilitation center on a weekly basis. I share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with the people I meet here. The rest of my time I spend at the Church, performing various duties.

Every day, I make it a point to listen to the program “The Word For Today” through your web site. Through your programs and the teachings of Pastor Chuck, God strengthens me when I am tired out!”

The Word For Today is a 30-minute radio program that uses Pastor Chuck Smith’s teaching to systematically take listeners through the entire Bible in approximately three years.

Another listener, Xue Ning, writes about how the program helps her in personal struggles:

“I listen to the program The Word For Today online, and I need to rely on God to help me overcome the snares of the evil one… I thank God for His mercy. He gives me strength, Amen! I ask for the brothers and sisters to please pray for me in the Holy Spirit!”

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Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for sustaining the weary saints who are laboring for Him in various capacities and positions.
  • Pray for Xue Ning and Zhe Ying, that God will renew their strength even as they continue to put their trust in Him