“I wept alone as I prayed to God every day…”

Calling herself ‘Happy Fish’, a listener told us about her journey with God in a 2500-word letter.

When she became a believer about five years ago, she did not know what to expect. She was simply excited to know that there was a God, and she would pray to Jesus even when she was walking along the street, confessing her sins and thanking Him. However, a time of trials soon began.

She experienced what she now knows are spiritual attacks. Thinking that her conversion was the cause of these attacks, her family pressured her to renounce her faith. Her husband wanted to divorce her and her friends shunned her. The worst happened when she was committed into a mental hospital. However, throughout the entire ordeal, God comforted her.

“When I felt most helpless and abandoned, I found out about your programs”, she wrote. “Every night I listened eagerly, and I found great comfort from the voices of the pastors who preached God’s Word on air. God felt very close to me, and it was like seeing the Lord face to face. Through the programs, the Lord held me up and helped me to move forward one step at a time. It was the Lord who opened my eyes and caused me to understand the truths of God’s kingdom, allowing me to personally experience His great power and compassion.”

God certainly did not abandon her. She corresponded with us, and God spoke to her through a letter we sent, when she was in great distress. She was reminded that God is faithful, and will remain faithful. “Heaven and earth may pass away, but His word abides forever.”

In this past year, I have shared the gospel with many people and now we have a small group gathering twice a week – sometimes up to twenty of us”, she wrote. “I want to pass on God’s truth to them.

“I wept when I got your letter,” she wrote. God guided and nurtured her. Through the Internet, she listened to programs such as Project Hannah’Women of Hope. Every day before lunch, she and her son would listen to Experiencing God together. With daily personal devotion, she continued to cling on to God.

Meanwhile she also reached out to others by sharing the gospel and leading small-group meetings. Now her passion and desire is to make disciples. “In this past year, I have shared the gospel with many people and now we have a small group gathering twice a week – sometimes up to twenty of us”, she wrote. “I want to pass on God’s truth to them.”

Those were no empty words. To equip herself, she became a student of TWR’s Seminary on the Air, and found the Homiletics course in the second year curriculum a great help. “I sincerely thank God and the teachers, and all the brothers and sisters at the station”, she wrote. “I am so touched that I am in tears when I think about your work and the effort you put in. Words cannot express my appreciation. I am also thankful to God for his loving kindness. He allowed me to experience His power and faithfulness in my time of suffering, and brought me to a deeper relationship with Him.”

God’s faithfulness has already borne fruit – both her parents entrusted their lives to Christ. Even the attitudes of her in-laws and her husband have changed a lot.

She wrote in conclusion, “May God guide us, through your programs, to walk in His good and perfect will. Let us offer ourselves to be used in His plan of salvation, so that we can do our part in the work of the gospel!”


Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for Happy Fish and other listeners like her, that TWR-Asia’s programs will continue to touch their hearts and transform their lives.
  • Pray that the believers in China will continue to be encouraged and strengthened by TWR-Asia’s programs.

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