“I looked down at the bucket which was filled with a brown mixture of dirt and water. While doing the laundry after returning home from the trip, I was reminded of freshly plowed soil, mud huts that dotted the khaki-colored hillsides, weathered tanned faces and scent of the earth…”

These are the words of a supporter who went on one of TWR-Asia’s vision trips to China. In March 2010, the group of four embarked on a 10-day journey that would open their eyes to TWR-Asia’s ministry in China. The team, led by one of TWR-Asia’s Ministry Leaders, traveled to different parts of the Middle Kingdom and visited the Nosu-Yi people group.

TWR-Asia reaches out to the Nosu-Yi as part of its ministry to Oral Communicators. People from oral communities remain connected primarily through stories, narratives, songs, proverbs and parables. The Nosu-Yi are one of the ethnic minorities in China and are one of the least-reached people groups. They are polytheists, practicing animism, shamanism and ancestor worship, and have been living in darkness for hundreds of years, not knowing that there is a God who loves them. However, the Nosu-Yi today are showing signs of warming toward the good news, unlike anything seen in previous centuries.

“During the trip, I saw lots of smiles and beautiful loving hearts…these images will be forever etched in my mind. Even though there were tired faces along the streets in town and a sense of desolation as I walked along the village paths, I also felt a sense of beauty. It is not often that one is able to experience these things. It must have been the working of the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s hand answering the prayers of those at home and guiding our steps, thus allowing the villagers to hear of Jesus for the very first time… I was heartened and touched by the experience.”

Another team member shares her experience.

“It was a truly wonderful visit. For a start, the trip was well-planned. Everything from our flight to the overnight train ride and the bus to our first destination went well without any hitch or delay. The schedule for each day was full, but we hardly felt rushed. We were able to visit a local believer and had dinner with him. On Sunday, we broke bread with some other believers. The next day, we visited other villages. The people welcomed us warmly and put on their ceremonial head-dress, clothes, and jewelry. We also had the chance to try on the ceremonial outfits. It was quite fun chatting with them.

Before we left, we gave them some gifts and reminded them to tune in to TWR-Asia’s program that evening. I hope we made a difference in the lives of the people we met, by sharing Christ with them.”

TWR-Asia broadcasts an evangelistic and nurturing radio program in the Nosu-Yi language, to reach more than 2 million Nosu-Yi who are residing in southern China. Through sharing the gospel with Bible stories and sound biblical teaching, we seek to introduce Jesus Christ to the Nosu-Yi and help them grow in spiritual maturity.

You can support TWR-Asia’s ministry to the Nosu-Yi by giving financially. If you would like to experience the ministry first hand, you can drop us a note to find out about future trips via our e-newsletter.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for the opportunity to visit the Nosu-Yi, and for giving the opportunity to better understand the needs of the Nosu-Yi.
  • Pray that the passion for missions does not end with the conclusion of the trip, but that this trip will be a door and stepping stone to a greater desire to spread the gospel to the Nosu-Yi and other people groups.
  • Pray that the Nosu-Yi will continue to be touched by the program, and that they will continue to grow in the faith through the Bible stories and parables.