Women of Hope is a program by Project Hannah – a ministry of TWR that aims to reach women around the world with God’s message of love and hope. It offers encouragement, practical tips on daily living, as well as spiritual guidance to women

Ms Zhong, a Women of Hope listener from China, is one of many women around the world whose life has been changed by the program.

Born visually handicapped thirty years ago, Ms Zhong left home in her teens. Her plan was to learn massage therapy so that she could earn a living. After learning the necessary skills, she later settled down in Guangzhou. Due to her handicap, her movement was restricted and her daily activities were limited to traveling to and from work. After work, she would often stay at home, with the radio as her only companion.

One day, she happened to tune-in to the Women of Hope program. The message that day ministered to her. At the end of the program, she decided to pray along with the presenter and accepted Christ as her savior. Ever since that day, she began listening to the program faithfully every evening. Currently, Ms Zhong is pastoring a two-hundred strong church in her hometown in China!

Who would have thought that a visually impaired massage therapist would one day lead her local church? Ms Zhong’s story is also testament to how God can use anyone despite their limitations.

Women of Hope did not just play a part in her spiritual salvation, but it also comforted her and gave her hope when she was discouraged. There are many other women around the world like Ms Zhong who have been disadvantaged either at birth or by circumstances. We need your support to share God’s message of hope with them, to help them rise above their situations.


Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for God’s peace and comfort to be with wives, mothers and daughters around the world.
  • Pray that more Women of Hope listeners will be able to rise above their circumstances, and be beacons of hope to others around them, with their testimonies.
  • Pray for God’s protection for women who are victims of verbal and physical abuse from their spouses.
  • Pray for women who are victims of societal and cultural oppression, that they will be comforted through Women of Hope.