CHINA — A student of Seminary On The Air wrote recently to share how God had helped him through a dry period in his ministry and spiritual life.

“I was facing many troubles, and was reaching a bottleneck in my ministry. I had hoped to go through systematic training to equip myself, and be a better servant of God. I tried living my life according to the principles of the Bible, but often was caught in circumstances where my actions did not match my words, and the fire that I had for God and ministry was slowly burning out.

At times when I preached, fear would creep into my heart. After some time, I started to avoid people, the Word, and eventually God. I knew there was a problem, but I could not figure out what it was. Still, I believed in one thing; God would never leave nor forsake me. God wanted me to focus on finding and relying on Him. After helping me to deal with the issues in my heart, He gave me the opportunity to listen to Seminary On The Air.

Through Seminary On The Air, I learnt lessons on spirituality, ministry, the truth behind the end-times, and also how to apply Christian principles to daily living. All these changed my thinking and I no longer looked at these issues negatively. Instead, I faced life and my ministries with a positive attitude, learning how to forgive, understand, and tolerate.

I hope to learn much more from the program to better enhance and equip myself, in order to serve God to the best of my abilities!”

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