CHINA — A sister from Shandong province, who is a student of Seminary on the Air (SOTA), wrote to share her story with us.

“I am a first year student of Seminary on the Air. Although I have yet to meet you face-to-face, I feel like we are old friends.

A sister first shared your radio broadcast with me, and it was such a great help to me! Every night, I listen with great excitement to your radio broadcast. My heart finds great comfort listening to the program. Also, the voices of your presenters share the Word of God in an intimate manner. It is like meeting with the Lord face-to-face! It is such a beautiful and incomparable moment. It feels like the Lord is upholding me and leading me forward step-by-step via the radio during times of trials and tribulations.

Through your program, the Lord opened my eyes, and allows me to understand many truths about His Kingdom. I also personally experience God?s almighty strength and great merciful love.

Now, I am studying the SOTA curriculum on the Internet. God has opened the way, and has helped me find time to be equipped. Even though it is part of the second year curriculum, the lesson on homiletics is of tremendous help to me.

I wholeheartedly thank God, as well as the teachers and producers of the program. I will tell more people about your radio programs so that your broadcast may be a blessing to more people.

While writing this letter, I could not hold back my tears. Thinking about your work and what you have offered, I am overwhelmed with unspeakable gratitude. I am grateful for the merciful love of God, for allowing me to experience His almighty power and goodness.

My relationship with God has also become more intimate. I have some good news to share too! God has begun work within my family. My parents have decided to pray and trust in the Lord. Also, God has brought about great change in the attitudes of my husband and my in-laws.”

Praise the Lord that SOTA has been such a blessing to this sister, and many others like her. May the Word of God continue to encourage, teach and build up the believers in China.

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