Indonesia — A listener from Indonesia shares the following powerful story.

I walked to the front of my house, afraid of what I might see. “What if it’s there again?” I wondered to myself. Questions flashed through my mind: “What was going on? Who was trying to cause harm to my family? Who did we offend?” My heart sank the moment I laid eyes on the yellow rice and flowers sitting suspiciously on the front porch. “How can something so seemingly harmless be full of ill intentions?”

Flowers and yellow rice have been mysteriously appearing at the front corner of my house for many days now. I do not know who put these there, but I was intent to find out what they meant. The first time I saw these, I thought someone had left them behind. But after a few days, I noticed they would be replaced even after I cleared them away. This realization that someone was deliberately putting them there sent a chill down my back.

I started asking the neighbors in my village about the significance of flowers and yellow rice. What I heard from them made my hair stand on end.


I was told that spells were cast into the flowers and yellow rice, and these were left at my front porch in an attempt to cause harm to me and my household. I knew nothing about witchcraft, and fear gripped me.

By the way, my name is Vivi, and I am a 40-year-old housewife who sells snacks from a small stall to help make ends meet. I have two dear children, and my husband is a driver. Because of the nature of his job, he is seldom at home. Most nights, it is just me and my children in the house. Because of that, my fear was heightened.

Prior to the witchcraft incident, I used to listen to TWR programs on a local station. These broadcasts taught me many spiritual truths and guided me in my journey with God. I found explanations to parts of the Bible that were confusing to me.

Unfortunately, as a result of technical problems, I was not able to continue listening to the programs. Yearning to find spiritual guidance, I tried without success to find other Christian programs in my native language. I soon stopped reading the Bible as I had no one to explain it to me anymore.

It was during this time of emptiness that the flowers and yellow rice started appearing on my front porch. Who could be so cruel as to cast an evil spell on us? Anxiety took over, and I was unable to perform my daily duties. I was restless and scared. I could not focus on God’s Word or even pray.

One night, as I stared into the darkness, TWR programs came to my mind. In desperation, I turned on the radio on my mobile phone hoping to find some entertainment to distract me. Javanese music, just like what I used to hear on TWR programs, filled the room. To my amazement, I had found TWR programs again. Praise the Lord for his guidance!

God spoke to me through the lesson that day, indicating that no others can protect us but the Lord Jesus. Immediately, I prayed to the Lord and handed him my problems. I begged Him to keep me and my family safe.

Flowers and yellow rice no longer scare me or have a hold over me. Every morning, after praying, I sweep the porch to clean them away. It’s been three months since the first day I saw them, and I still have no idea who puts them there. But one thing I do know, my Lord Jesus is more powerful than any other forces in this world. I believe that Jesus is my only Protector (2 Thessalonians 3:3).