CAMBODIA – When Sav* became a Christian, one of her deepest wishes was for her husband would come to accept Jesus Christ too. The challenge was that he had never cared about God or religion, and she did not know how to get through to him.

Sav wisely knew there was nothing she could do to hurry the process, so she she persisted in praying for him.

Sav would tune in to the Women of Hope program and listen to it with her church members every week. One day, she learned something that never crossed her mind before. The speaker on the radio spoke it loud and clear: “Be a role model, with good Christian values and watch the people around you take notice.” This message penetrated her heart, and as she adopted this advice, she began to see her husband open his heart to the gospel.

“The program taught me to be a good Christian model so that when my husband witnessed my life, he opened his heart to accept Jesus. I really thank and praise God that he worked in my husband’s heart, and I am also thankful the program shares many good lessons with us.”

*not her real name.
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash