India — I come from a village that is part of a tribal community. The majority of the people in our community are addicted to alcohol, and it is very difficult for me, being a single mother (my husband died when my children were very young) with a very low income.

I come from a non-Christian background, and every two months, my late husband and I would sacrifice burnt offerings to the various gods we worshipped. I stopped this practice when he passed away. A few years later, I fell extremely ill and was bedridden. As a result, many in our community said that my life was going downhill because I had stopped practicing the various rituals I used to perform.

It was during this time that I happened to tune into the TWR [Koya-language] Bible program. Just hearing a radio program in my own language brought me such joy. I soon began getting more and more interested in the message as well. It was the first time I heard about Jesus Christ and his good news for mankind. As I kept listening, several of my doubts and questions regarding God and our existence were being answered, and I eventually accepted Christ as my Savior.

A few days later, some missionaries came to my home to pray for me and my family, and by God’s grace, I was healed. Today, we live a life of peace in Christ.

Did You Know?

Besides radio programs, TWR India is taking the opportunity to reach their listeners through the phone and has garnered, in 2014 alone, more than 642,000 mobile-phone responses.