“Before I started to listen to your program I had many bad habits… like drinking and smoking.

To satisfy my craving for these habits, I used to even sell the things in the home. Whatever wages my wife had earned through her daily labor, I also snatched for spending on my bad habits. As a result, many times there was not even enough food at home.

Nevertheless, when I came to know about your program and started to listen, God touched my heart and I experienced a great change in my life… I gave up my bad habits. Indeed, the message of Jesus is a great blessing in my life!”

To help meet the spiritual need in many villages in India, TWR is setting up Beroea Bhavan groups – named after the Berean listeners described in Acts 17:10-15. These home groups are opportunities for listeners to gather to study and learn from God’s Word.

TWR-India uses SD cards to distribute the Bible study audio programs to these Beroea Bhavan groups. SD cards have gained widespread acceptance within India, and they are a cost-effective method to spread systematic Bible teaching to these home groups. The decision of using SD cards is an example how TWR adapts its media channels to our audience.

Through the systematic covering of the Bible in these programs, presented in the heart languages of these listeners, we believe that God will impact more lives for His own glory. We continue to pray that many will listen, believe and be transformed through the power of His Word.