INDIA — Shiva never expected that a small hand-held device would be a close companion during his teenage years, and that it would be the only way he could listen to God?s Word.

Born into a non-Christian family in a small village in India, Shiva?s parents sent him to a school in a nearby town for the sake of a better education. It so happened that the school was a Christian school.

When he was in the 10th grade, Shiva stayed at the school?s hostel. Each day, the teachers would facilitate morning devotions for the students.

This was how Shiva first heard about the gospel, and how he accepted Christ as his savior. Even then, Shiva could sense that his life had undergone a great transformation. He experienced inexplicable joy, and also realized that God had blessed his studies.

After three years of education at the Christian school, Shiva had to go to college. However, they did not have daily devotions and he really missed it. He was really sad and feeling discouraged. Deep in his heart, Shiva hoped that there would be some way for him to hear God?s Word again.

One night, he was listening to programs on a radio which his father had given him. By chance, he tuned into one of TWR-India?s programs. Shiva was delighted and excited about this new discovery! He had never heard Christian broadcasts previously, and he was excited and filled with joy as he listened to the sermon. Shiva has been a faithful listener of the programs ever since, and has been corresponding with TWR-India till today.

Shiva has since graduated with a Master’s degree. Despite objections from his family, Shiva?s faith continued to grow during those years. Now, his greatest desire is to share his faith with his parents and the rest of his village.

Continue to pray for Shiva and other youth like him, that they will grow spiritually despite difficult circumstances, and that God will provide a way for them to listen to His Word.