INDIA — Here is a testimony from Santosh, who comes from a tribal community in India.

“My name is Santosh. I used to worship various gods. But I was frustrated… I had so many questions, but I could not find any answers. Why did our gods not help us, or provide for us?

One day, a man came to our village, distributing some pamphlets. I met him, and he shared with me about a radio program that would give me peace and joy. I was inquisitive and asked him lots of questions. Noting my interest, he took me aside and shared that Jesus Christ could change my destiny. He suggested that I listen to the program, Neta Vachan (The Word Today).

That evening, I tuned in to the program and was surprised that it was such a good one. The next day, I listened to it again. I felt so blessed as it gave me great relief from my sorrows.

I became a regular listener of the program. Soon, I realized that Jesus Christ is the true God. He listens to our prayers and turns our sorrows into joy. I wrote to the man who introduced me to Neta Vachan, and shared my feelings about the program.

I am facing a lot of opposition from my family, but I have made a strong decision to follow Jesus Christ. He has changed my life.”

We praise God for working in Santosh’s life! Like many who listen to TWR’s programs across India, God’s Word is working in their hearts and transforming their lives.

Please pray for Santosh’s family and his fellow villagers — that they would be receptive to hearing God’s Word, and come to accept Jesus into their lives.