INDIA – Abha’s life opened up to a whole new chapter one night ten years ago. That night, he had tuned in excitedly to listen to a live radio broadcast of a cricket match between India and Pakistan.

However, he was unable to receive a signal. Abha was sure he had tuned to the right frequency. He did not give up and tried other frequencies. In the midst of adjusting the frequencies, he chanced upon a program playing a catchy tune, followed by a message in his native language Marathi. He learnt that the program was Upasana(Thru the Bible), and that it was broadcast by TWR-India.

The topic of the message that night was ‘worrying’, which Abha could relate to. After listening to the program, he had trouble sleeping as he kept replaying the message in his mind. His thoughts turned to the dire financial situation his family was in.

The next day, Abha listened to the program again. It was then that he first heard about Jesus who loves and cares for His children. When the presenter of the program began to pray, Abha joined in, and asked God to help his parents who were poor farmers and trapped in debt.

He continued listening to the program daily, and continued praying fervently for his family’s financial difficulties. One day, a miracle took place that was beyond Abha’s imagination. Someone who owed his family a huge debt many years ago had returned it all at once. The amount was enough to clear his family’s debts. His prayers were answered!

Abha accepted Jesus into his life, and became a regular listener of TWR-India’s programs. His family has also received Christ through the program!

Today, Abha is a pastor who shares the Good News in the villages in India. He is deeply grateful to TWR-India because it is where his journey with Christ first began.

We give thanks to God for His faithfulness and love for Abha and his family members. Thank you for your support which enables TWR to continue sharing God’s Word, so that many more may come to experience Him.