It is not uncommon for women in India to be victims of domestic violence, dowry-related suicides and murders. In addition, child marriages are still prevalent in this modern day and age.

The female literacy rate in India is also lower than the male literacy rate and in the rural areas, girls are less educated than the boys. As such, many women in rural India lack the knowledge and exposure to anything else but the traditional roles imposed upon them, and commonly adhere to superstitious beliefs. By God’s grace and the work of the Holy Spirit through the Women of Hope program in Bengali and Tamil, these women’s hearts have been stirred up by the love of Christ and are used to impart this love to their families and bring about change in society.

The stories below from a mother, a daughter-in-law and a wife, testify to the power of His transforming love that ministers to women in need.

“My son used to live a sinful life and when he went missing for several days, I panicked and cried bitterly. God then spoke to me through your message on anxiety and I was greatly encouraged and was able to pray earnestly for my son.I praise God that my son not only came back home, he was even delivered from the hopeless situation he was in. We praise God for the Mangiar Ulagam (Women of Hope) program.”

“I give glory to God that I am able to listen to your program on a regular basis and even contact you for further guidance. I used to live in darkness and was captured by superstitious thoughts. However, after listening to your program I have come to know the truth, received proper teaching, advice and guidance. The characters and lives of Ruth and Naomi had personally ministered to me and I have learnt to be humble and kind-hearted. I want to be like Ruth, loving my mother-in-law and praying for her even though she dislikes me. I will give my best service to her and create a place for me in her heart.”

“I was from another faith. My husband was in the habit of heavy drinking and physically abused me. One day as I listened to your program on our radio, the message ‘nothing is impossible with God’ touched me. I believe He has the power to change anything in this world. I have also been encouraged by the testimonies of my friends who have come out of the same problem victoriously with the help of Christ. Inspired by your program, I began to pray for my husband and after a few days, I actually noticed some changes in his character. My husband has now repented from his sinful life and started to lead a life pleasing to God!”


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord for using the Women of Hope programs in different languages in India to give hope to the women who listen in, imparting to them the boldness to rise up out of their circumstances.
  • Pray that these women persevere in their prayers for their unbelieving husbands, and become living testimonies for other women in their community.