INDIA — ?I did not know the living God. There was no peace in my life, and everything I did seemed meaningless. Life was a struggle.?

There is great spiritual impoverishment in many villages in India. One of the challenges that TWR-India faces is getting the Word of God out in a cost-effective manner. Radio is but one method of outreach that has a proven record of reaching people with the Word.

?It was quite by chance that I came upon the TWR program on the radio when I happened to be tuning it one day. A Biblical message was being broadcast, and I was quite impressed by it. It appealed to me, and made sense.

As I began to listen to the program regularly, my family and I learned several good spiritual lessons ? lessons that we could apply in our everyday lives. We heard about the living God, Jesus Christ, and His great love for us ? a love so great that he died on the cross to save our sins.

Christian programs on an SD cardThe radio messages brought us into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Soon, I dedicated my life to Jesus and committed myself to the Lord?s ministry.

To help me in my ministry, I received as a gift from TWR: an SD (Secure Digital) Card that contained Banjara programs, along with a SD card media player.?

TWR-India also uses Christian programs loaded onto SD cards for outreach. Through partnerships with the local churches, many home groups have been formed where listeners gather together to listen to programs on the SD card.

?I make it a point to invite my neighbors and so we can listen together. It is often the case that when the program comes to an end, we discuss the topic further and I try to clarify any questions they have.

I am happy that today, there are two groups that I have organized where I get to play the SD Card. It is such a wonderful way for my Banjara-speaking community to listen to God?s word, that they too may receive the gift of salvation.?

These SD cards and their media players are cost-effective and portable; they also afford listeners the added conveniences of being able to listen at a time that suits their schedules, as well as being able to re-listen to segments as needed.

?I am grateful to God for delivering me, my family and many others in my village. Please continue to pray for all of us.?