INDONESIA — Yani is a 39-year-old woman with two daughters. Her husband passed away at a young age, leaving her to raise her two daughters alone. Working as a seamstress and earning a meager income, she managed to raise her children ? although she was unable to send them for higher education.

One day, Yani?s elder daughter approached her, seeking permission for her to marry her boyfriend. Yani agreed to her daughter?s request, but in her heart, she was worried. Weddings are expensive affairs, and cost more than she had the money to pay for.

Yani worked overtime that night. While she sewed, she kept thinking about how she might earn the money needed for the wedding. She kept her radio on while she worked, and unknown to her, she listened to the Javanese Women of Hope radio program. While it played in the background, she heard this segment which spoke to her:

“In the program, the presenter spoke about a woman who was faced with a problem that she could not solve. Helpless, she prayed to the Lord. Persistently, this woman prayed to God again and again…finally, she received help from God.”

This was the story that touched her heart. Deciding to follow the example of the the woman in the story, Yani stopped her sewing. In the solitude of the night, she prayed to God ? asking for God to give her the money she needed for her daughter?s wedding.

For three nights, Yani had kept praying…and at last, God heard her prayer! The next morning, a relative gave her a call, and asked how she was doing. Yani simply informed him that her daughter would be getting married, and invited him for the wedding.

Beyond her wildest expectations, this relative gifted her with money for the wedding expenses.

Yani says, “God is so good to me…He listened to my prayers!”

Where she is from, it is normal for people to fall into debt due to the wedding expenses. However, Yani was able to afford the wedding and did not have to borrow money from anyone.

Yani was very happy that God answered her prayer, and she was very grateful to the Javanese Women of Hope program. She believes that God always listens and cares for her!