Aceh was one of the locations ravaged by the tsunami of 2004 where thousands of lives were lost. Many of those who survived were physically injured, traumatised psychologically or both.

In the aftermath, alongside other groups that went into Aceh to distribute aid, the TWR-Asia team in Indonesia distributed thousands of radios, VCD players and television sets to the victims living in emergency accommodations to help them get information and entertainment. There were also holistic programs which were purposefully designed to encourage the victims of the tsunami, were also broadcast to educate listeners on basic health and sanitation issues in languages they could understand.

‘M’ is one such recipient of aid. She got a radio among other things, and with it, she was able to tune in to TWR-Asia’s broadcasts.

“I have three children and I am expecting a fourth one. It is not easy taking care of three children, and I am thankful that I am able to find time each day to listen to TWR-Asia’s programs. I like how programs such as Women of Hope explain health issues in a simple, clear and easy to understand manner. I also like the devotions. Through the devotions that I listen to, I learn to stay close to God and to love my family. I understand that God wants me to be a faithful wife and mother, and through the program, I learn how to treat my husband and children better.”

There are also specially designed projects which reach the tsunami victims in Aceh, to encourage them and help them rebuild their lives. One example is the ‘Microloan’ project which helps families in Aceh start businesses and get back on their feet. A small sum of money is loaned, interest-free, to enable families or individuals to set up shops selling necessities, buy livestock, or start a small business, in the hope that it will help them and the community recover from the disaster.

Let us continue to cover the victims and their families in prayer so that they are able to sustain their faith in times of adversity and be a witness in their community. Pray also that they will be able to find opportunities to gain increased knowledge on health and sanitation so as to take better care of their families and loved ones.


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord for opportunities to visit and meet up with the listeners so that we are able to learn more about their physical and spiritual needs.
  • Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the TWR-Asia team in Indonesia as they produce radio programs and do follow-up work.