The following testimony is by Santoso, one of the Ministry Area Coordinators (MAC) who works among the Madurese speaking people in Indonesia.

Part of Santoso’s role as a MAC includes radio distribution which requires him to work closely with local churches and other Christian organizations. This work is made possible through the many volunteers who assist him in the coordination of listeners’ meetings and radio program promotion.

“My name is Santoso. I am in charge of developing listener groups and ministering to listeners. I work mainly among the Madurese speaking people, and I have experienced great growth among the people, both in terms of numbers and spirituality.

The listener care groups meet for fellowship not just on Sundays, but also regularly hold meetings among themselves. As the coordinator, I do my best to help build their spiritual lives by studying the Bible together with them, and encouraging them with testimonies.

During the meetings, the listeners would also share from God’s Word and also quote from the Thru the Bible (Madurese) programs which they have listened to, to encourage one another. They also support one another using God’s Word as they draw guidance from the sermons in TWR’s radio broadcasts.

The people have grown stronger in their faith. It is evident when they face some obstacles and trials. All the members of the group will gather to support those who are facing difficulties and troubles in their lives. I can really see the group growing in their fellowship with one another, and also in their togetherness as brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord!”


Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for Santoso and the other MACs, that they will be able to minister to the people under their care.
  • Praise God that the listeners are faithful, and that they are growing stronger in their faith.
  • Pray that they will continue to love and care for one another, and encourage one another on in their spiritual journey.