NEPAL — The elderly woman dropped her entire savings into the hand of an FM station manager.

“Please pass this small offering to TWR Nepal,” she said. “It is my gratitude offering for Jesus so that people like me – hopeless and helpless – can find hope, meaning and eternal life in Jesus through the broadcasting of God’s Word in Nepal.”

The woman that this station manager encountered was from a remote area of central Nepal, where she had faced deteriorating health. She and her family consulted witch doctors and offered animal sacrifices, hoping for a cure.

Nothing worked. By the time the doctor diagnosed her with leprosy, her face, forehead, nose and fingers were already badly infected.

Her family and fellow villagers began distancing themselves from her before finally kicking her out of the village, afraid the disease would spread to the entire community.

Left with nowhere to go, abandoned by her only friends and family, she started walking to the city. She would stop for water now and then at brooks along the way, but she had no food. Before long, her body broke down and she fell unconscious on the roadside.

A man stopped to help her. He was a regular listener of TWR Nepal’s programs. When he saw the woman in such a pitiful state, he decided to take her to his house, where he fed her. He also provided her with a place to stay as well as a little radio for entertainment. Throughout the time she spent there, he shared with her God’s love and forgiveness and the way to eternal salvation. He also prayed for her.

The man taught her to tune into the TWR radio programs, such as Thru the Bible. Soon, the old woman started listening to them every day. The radio became part of her life, like a close friend. She learned more about Jesus and God’s Word through these programs. Coupled with constant care and prayers of the man who had taken her in, she was convinced that Jesus is God and accepted him as her personal Savior.

Upon the man’s recommendation, she started treatment and rehabilitation at a place where she was also taught income-generating skills. Gradually she started earning money. As her understanding of God grew through TWR’s programs, she was moved to give an offering to TWR Nepal.

Although she had no means to reach the ministry’s office, she enlisted the help of a rehabilitation warden who took her to the FM station broadcasting TWR’s programs. It was there, after the long journey, that she handed over her entire savings to aid in TWR’s ministry.

Facts About Nepal*:

  • Best known for Mount Everest, this small country between China and India holds eight of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world.
  • One-third of the people live on less than $1 a day.
  • Foreign religious organizations are allowed to operate freely as long as there is no attempt to recruit or convert. Hindu fundamentalism has increased in recent years.

*Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.